Liangzhu Lifestyle Hotel

Huaxin Road No. 22, in the middle of the new road, the old villa as a hermit, a day, always hide well.

It used to have water wells, and later worried that the children of the roadside fell out, fill out the. It was a huge tree, then fell in a typhoon, the root of termites ate for many years. It has fruit and flower garden, and flying up and down the chickens. It was the old villas in Huaxin Road, ordinary is exquisite that one, and one of the most warm daily life at home. Standing on the top floor of the balcony, one side is the daily evening clouds rising from the ferry coast, the other side is the Green Valley Road Huaxin tall enclosed under the city center, the red walls and gray tiles, seasonal flowers round, dove daily in the sky patrol the island last poetic place.

April 2012, good build stationed. After six months of repair and reconstruction, the old villa will be quiet, we look forward to the way of life. We want it to be the way of your Xiamen trip home, here is another possible discovery of life, but also leads to another door to Xiamen. This is the good building, and the significance of the journey it is seeking.